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These tools and techniques are designed to help you apply the Strategic Triangle and performance measurement model to the management of your agency or unit. We welcome your feedback. And we would love to hear from you about what other resources you would find useful in applying the concepts of the strategic triangle model.
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Tips and Tools
Here are some examples of how OUELI alumni have used the Strategic Triangle model.

Why Public Leaders Need to Create Value!
Mark L. Weinberg, Ohio University Bicentennial Colloquia, May 2004

This PowerPoint document is a template that you can adapt to develop your own presentation. Based on Mark Weinberg's May 2004 Ohio University Bicentennial Colloquia, it has been modified to service as an outline for a speech or presentation on creating public value. It is in bullet format with places for you to insert information specific to your organization. It is not intended as a stand alone document but rather as a guide for an oral presentation. Use the document in its entirety or remove and/or add slides as appropriate. When using any slides from this presentation, please include the citation located on the lower right side of the slide.
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Strategic Triangle and Performance Measurement Model
Print out this graphic and use it to help frame discussion or when you are explaining the strategic triangle framework to colleagues or staff. One program alum has displayed it in her department conference room.
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Strategic Management Key Questions
A manager or management team can discuss these key questions on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly) to ensure continuous attention in each area of the Strategic Triangle. You may find it helpful to modify these or add a few others in each area to make them more applicable to your specific operating environment.

Applying a “Balanced Scorecard” Approach to Public Sector Strategy
OUELI alums may find this brief article helpful when talking with colleagues about the strategic triangle and performance measurement model. It succinctly discusses the creation of public value utilizing the Balanced Scorecard approach.
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