Ohio University Executive Leadership Institute

Special Programs Previously Offered

PerformanceStat: Strategic Tools to Optimize Public Sector Performance
Fiscal crisis in the public and nonprofit sectors often leads to cuts in service and concerns with the public's confidence in our government and nonprofit agencies. The issues of today require a new kind of leadership.  To ensure future success we must reexamine our problem solving tools. With a focus on strategic performance measurement in the public sector, this one-day program will allow you to step back and reassess how your organization or unit uses data to identify cost savings, improve performance and drive strategy.

Presenters shared their use of a PerformanceStat model in their creation of the highly successful TransiStat at the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

Alumni Workshop: Strategy Session
This program examined two "real-life" strategic issues presented by Sandra Solano-McGuire, then Chief of Vital Statistics, Ohio Department of Health, and Jack Marchbanks, then Deputy District Director, Ohio Department of Transportation. Participants worked in small "consulting" groups to analyze the issues using the key concepts of the strategic triangle model - public value, political management, operational capacity and performance measurement - and provided recommendations to solve the issues.

Strategic Leadership Workshops for Nonprofit Executives
This program focused on the critical issues for the nonprofit leader, including: board management, managing change and building a public polity agenda. Two workshops were offered, "Strategic Program Evaluation: Managing Change," and "Strategic Advocacy: Building a Public Policy Agenda." The Managing Change workshop helped demystify program evaluation by providing the participants with a common-sense approach that emphasized incorporating evaluation into your management strategy. Participants in Building a Public Policy Agenda workshop were guided through the essential elements of a successful public policy program.

Political Management in Depth
Gaining ongoing support for public policy issues and public or nonprofit agencies often hinges upon skill in political management. Whether the challenge is prevailing in a one-time issue campaign or maintaining long-term support for an idea or agency in the public sector, success requires the exercise of political strategy.

This workshop went inside the principles of political management, Curt Steiner--a leading expert in media strategy, campaign management, public affairs and government policy-making--explored the fine points of issues management. Participants learned how to put an issue squarely in the public eye, keep it fresh and important to their stakeholders and maintain its support over the long haul. Discussions were on issue cycles, influencing public opinion and avoiding mistakes.