Ohio University Executive Leadership Institute
Inside Leadign With Vision, Value, and Strategy

Leading with Vision, Value and Strategy

Sample Curriculum

Day #1 - Public Value and Strategic Management
You will:

  • Be asked to question and challenge your view of the role of public and nonprofit agency leaders in creating public value.
  • Clearly define the value your agency creates.
  • Compare successful business strategy to public sector realities.
  • Understand the difference between strategic planning and strategic management.
  • Think differently about strategic opportunities presented to you.

Day #2 - Political Management and Strategic Communications
You will:

  • Develop an action plan for mobilizing support or managing opposition to any issue.
  • Learn the key steps in implementing a successful issue campaign.
  • Hear from experts about what to do (and what not to do) when dealing with the media.

             - Operational Capacity and Strategic Performance Measurement
You will:

  • Analyze case studies of strategies to develop, repair or maximize operational capacity of public agencies.
  • Engage in discussions on how leaders can create a high-performance workplace.
  • Study successful strategic performance measurement models, via case studies and discussion.

Day #3 - Strategic Performance Measurement
You will:

  • Explore strategic performance measurement in the public and nonprofit sectors
  • Learn the key questions that can help establish strategic performance measures specific to your agency.
  • Begin to think through strategic performance measures for your agency.