Ohio University Executive Leadership Institute
Inside Leadign With Vision, Value, and Strategy

Leading with Vision, Value and Strategy
Next date to be determined
Athens, Ohio

About the Program
Public and nonprofit leaders operate in complexity. Leaders are required to strategically manage diverse stakeholders, politics, service delivery systems, resources, advances in technology, competition, and new avenues for collaboration.

These demands require a new kind of leadership: One that positions executives as change agents who use strategy to create public value. The Ohio University Executive Leadership Institute (OUELI), presented by practitioners, thought leaders, and Ohio University faculty, equips leaders with tools and concepts on value, the heart of public and nonprofit organizations. 

Through an interactive set of presentations, group activities and case studies, participants concentrate on four key areas:

  • value creation – identify how to fulfill the organization's mission in a manner that best meets public needs;
  • political management – manage stakeholder expectations to ensure access to necessary resources and authority;
  • operational capacity – acquire the capacity, skills and partners to successfully accomplish identified goals; and
  • performance measurement – measure the organization’s performance and use data to advance strategy.