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Strategic Leadership: Aligning Performance Measures, Strategy and Politics

Data, metrics, measures, reports...and the list goes on. With this seemingly endless stream of information, how do today's leaders know if their organziations are successful?

While "data," "performance" and "accountability" are buzzwords for public and nonprofit organizations, a strategic perspective focuses leaders on the most effective ways to use data. The Ohio University Executive Leadership Institute (OUELI) helps managers focus on the use and application of data to drive their organization's strategy. Thinking beyond mandated requirements and performance targets, participants will gain a heightened understanding of how to use performance data strategically.

Through case studies, small group excercises and class discussions, participants learn to:
  • identify crucial metrics
  • measure strategic performance
  • apply the Strategic Triangle model to their
  • organization's current measurement system
  • and communicate key measures to stakeholders.

This program is an opportunity to learn strategies for meaningful performance measurement.